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I have been doing online singing lessons with Sinéad for a few months now and I have loved every minute of them. I have gained so much from her teaching me. My voice feels so much improved but also my confidence with my singing is 100 times better. The lessons are fun and personal and Sinéad is always able to address my questions and concerns. I am so looking forward to continuing lessons far into the future as I’d be lost without them.

Jessie Bates | Singer, Dancer & Burlesque Performer


I’ve been going to Sinéad for online singing classes for 5 months now and can’t recommend it enough! Sinéad has the ability to share her in-depth musical knowledge and skills whilst also keeping the class fun and enjoyable. She’s a fantastic teacher and can put even the most shy student at ease! One of the biggest things she has helped with is having the confidence to just sing! 

Ruth O’Connor | Baker & Pianist


I love singing lessons with Sinéad. She’s so generous and knowledgeable. She put me at ease with her non-judgement approach and I was very impressed by her technical know-how and ease of communicating it. I love that she helps bring out the best in my voice and doesn’t try to make me sound like anyone else. Such an honour to learn from such an accomplished vocalist. Could not recommend her any more and very excited for the next lesson.

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